Winter: An ideal time to Prune!

Many trees and plants lay dormant through the winter months, this also means so are their diseases! When a tree has a fresh wound it is easier for disease to spread, pruning through the winter months helps make sure that can not happen.
With no leaf growth, it is easier to see which limbs to prune that will help the tree grow into it’s natural structure. When a tree is pruned during the winter months, the wounds heal quickly and help promote new growth in the spring time! Sometimes pruning in the fall can promote newer growth, stealing built up nutrients for the tree stored up from the summer months to help it’s survival through the winter.

With winter comes frozen ground! Sometimes heavy equipment can be a problem for customers yards. It can be an ideal time to complete these type of projects! Winter pruning is also important for safety purposes. When trees have dead limbs we see many of them land in unwanted areas for the homeowner. This tends to increase in the winter after heavy wind, ice, and snow falls.

Please note, there are specific trees that do not do well after being trimmed during the winter months, this is why it is so important to hire a certified arborist when assessing your trees!

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