Trees can become a hazard when there is a target…
This target can be a structure, vehicle, or person that can potentially be struck by a falling tree or by one of its limbs. Circumstances such as shallow root systems which can be caused by trees growing along bodies of water or rock ledges and the age of the tree can all be important when assessing tree hazards. Trees such as Elm, Oak, Maple, Yellow-Poplar and Willow are more prone to breaking at their V-shaped forked branches. Pruning when trees are young can help prevent this from becoming a hazard down the line.

Have you noticed your tree outgrowing its space? Crowding or over whelming the surrounding trees and shrubs? Are you noticing the loss of surrounding landscape life or has the tree become so dense the sunlight is unable to shine through? It may be time for a crown reduction, lifting, or thinning. It is imperative to hire a certified arborist to assess your trees to insure the best growth possible. Ongoing Root health is extremely important in preventing tree risk, making sure the root system is able to get all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to thrive in what can sometimes be a toxic environment.

With ongoing storms loose limbs of dead branches can be a danger for homeowners, children, animals, and can attract pests and rodents as well. If trees are infected with any type of fungi or diseases, they can pass it on to others on the property, the sooner the disease is treated, the better. Wounds and cancers on trees can be weak points along the trunk and is often aggressive if not treated. It’s important to maintain the health and safety of your trees for a number of reasons, your safety and wellbeing being the most important! Be sure to keep your lawn furniture, cars, landscape features, etc, out of the way of potential falling limbs.

Often trees being too close to a home can cause damage to the buildings foundation or cause broken or clogged pipes. In these cases the trees typically need to be removed as safely as possible as to cause no damage to the home or surrounding areas. This can be a complicated process and is not recommended for an untrained home owner. In many cases accidents relating to trees falling is not covered if it is not being handled by a professional.
Prevention of Tree hazards is really your best option for long standing tree health. Call us today for a free estimate on your tree care health.

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