Many different types of chemicals are used in tree care that are not necessarily beneficial for all areas around the distribution area, which is typically an area where your family and your family pets spend a lot of time. At B.G. Services, your overall Tree Health Care professionals, we go above and beyond to be sure we are using the safest distribution method possible when conducting tree care procedures using sometimes dangerous fungicides. Here at B.G. Tree Care, Mauget tree injections as well as Arborjet Soil injections are used, which limit the environmental impact as much as possible. Sprays are typically a thing of the past, there isn’t enough control, wind drift ends up wasting half the product or creating environmental issues that are irreversible. In many cases the chemical is most effective when the medication is placed inside the tree itself. Whether the tree is sick, in need of a pesticide, or a particular nutrient, we can help! 

With tree injections, medicine is placed within the cambium and moves through the tree via the xylem sap. It’s important to be sure you’re placing the correct concentration, as well as dosing at the proper time of year. Once applied, water evaporation from the leaves pulls water up from the soil through it’s vascular tissue in the stem. This can sometimes be a very time consuming process when compared to soil injections. Tree injection uptake time is dependent on the trees transpiration rate, which can be low on a cloudy cool day. Most injections are lowly pressurized for this reason, one must be careful during this process as the tree can form a wound from its split cells and never recover if not done properly. When hiring someone for insertion of your trees medications, be sure they will not be doing more harm than good. In many cases we are called out to assess trees that were supposed to be on the mend and are now worse off due to improper treatment trees. 

Our Arborjet AccuFlo Soil Injector ISD is a versatile system for all situations providing pinpoint dosing, preventing over regulation in turn preventing plants from getting damaged! Soil injections are applied at the critical root zone level of your trees, the material is translocated upward into the tree throughout the canopy. With injection sites spread evenly around the soil at the base of the tree ensuring adequate and even uptake of the material into the tree. With the AccuFlo Soil Injector, we are able to offer our customers the safest option for your trees healthcare needs along with keeping your family and pets wellbeing a top priority. 

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