Lump sum contract or stipulated sum, can seem like an old school way of doing things however, it happens to be the most popular form of contracts for contractors these days. The main reasonings for these type of contracts are straight forward pricing and offer the simplest form of a contract. Hidden fees are also excluded to the homeowner making it easier to apply for financing, there will be no worries of material or labor markup costs, and the owner can usually expect the job to be completed in a timely manner allowing the contractor to maximize all resources.
Most consumers seem to enjoy the predictability and relative simplicity of the lump sum contracting. It produces a relationship of collaboration between the arborist and the homeowner creating a longer lasting bond. Throughout the bidding process, be sure the arborist ISA certified as well as insured to do tree removal. Even if the project is a simple pruning, big accidents can happen that may not be covered by insurance. Tree removal can cost a homeowner anywhere between $150-$2000, which is why it’s important to be hiring an experienced arborist.
Finding a Tree Dr. you trust and can count on is just as important as finding your personal healthcare Dr., you want to make sure you’re getting your families trees the best care possible. They provide natural shade and up to 95% UV protection, wind protection, oxygen, and ground water stabilization so it’s important we keep them as healthy as possible for as long as possible!

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