Just like all living creatures, trees can become sick with age or improper care. BG Tree Service specializes in full tree removal services with over 30 years of experience. Our skilled team of climbers will expertly remove large, hazardous trees using high-reaching cranes and other professional equipment.

Tree removal services in PA may be necessary for a variety of reasons. Storm damage, droughts, and insect infestation can all affect the health of a tree. Avoid the risk of trees leaning towards your home, car, or other people. BG Tree Service can provide a tree evaluation on your property to help determine the condition of your trees. If a tree does need removal, our staff will carefully judge the size and structure before starting the job to guarantee the safety of all involved.

Count on our services when you need quick tree removal in PA for the following:

  • Trees causing obstruction or over-crowding
  • Decaying, diseased, or dying trees
  • Large, hazardous trees
  • Allowing room for construction or planting of new trees

We are experienced in handling tough tree removal situations with ease, such as tree removal in PA areas with limited access or near utility lines. No matter how large or decayed your tree, we are capable of efficient and safe tree removal.

After the tree removal process, our team will chip, chop, or haul away wood and debris, leaving no needed cleanup on your property. We also offer stump removal and grinding to keep your property aesthetically pleasing and reduce the risk of tripping on unsightly stumps.

If you are in need of expert tree removal services in PA, call BG Tree Service today at 610-495-7913 for a free consultation.