Who We Are

For over thirty years, our team of certified arborist at B.G. Services has been specializing in diagnostic healthcare and treatment of all tree types. We pride ourselves in quality work and customer satisfaction. We have experience in proper tree placement, diagnostic and consulting, tree injections, as well as tree removal and transplanting and so much more.

We provide each estimate in person with full explanation of the process that will be taking place. It is important to us our patients and their families are treated with respect. Our in house tree Doctor can provide your families beloved trees a long and happy life along side yours for generations to come!

William Gambone – Lead Certified Arborist & Owner

With over thirty years in the Tree Care industry, William is on his way to becoming a Master Arborist. This has been his passion since the start of his business, educating himself as well as his staff on the ins and outs of proper tree care etiquette. Accepting nothing but the highest quality of standards for his company, you’ll find it’s primarily family run with pride! His desire is to leave behind a legacy of connection, education, and quality tree care from his family to yours!

Christine Gambone – Administration Manager

Do not be surprised if you see Chrissy on a job site chucking tree limbs into the wood chipper. She is pivotal to B.G. Services and has been with the company since the start! With over twenty years experience in the medical field she keeps on top of our teems safety and wellbeing. Along with being a Wife, Mother, and Grandmother, this business wouldn’t know how to operate without her!

Brittany Gambone – Administration Manager

Daughter of the lead Arborist, tree work runs in her blood. She has been helping the family business thrive since the age of five. After graduating with her business degree and becoming a mother herself, the family business couldn’t help but start to intrigue her. Wanting to see her family’s business thrive, she decided it was time to put her skills and education to work, and who better for than her own family?

Heather Ansell – Marking & Administration Assistant 

Heather has been fascinated by trees since she was a little girl and it shows! She brings her passion for the environment across in her push for educating consumers on the importance of their tree health for future generations to come…”Without trees, there is no life”. -HA      With over twenty years experience in the customer service industry, marketing, web design, and human resources, she fills multiple rolls here at B.G. Services.